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The answer is that we now have many factors in this pattern. A few of it is dread. The hyperbole about risk in weight problems and pregnancy has created such a state of anxiety that many practitioners suppose that inducing labor previously is better, before complications can occur ostensibly. Alas, there is certainly little recognition that they could introduce more risks than they alleviate by inducing early actually, and little work has been done to challenge or affirm whether inducing early helps or harms women of size.

Another factor may be natural differences. For instance, fat women tend to have longer gestations and more “postdates” pregnancies. This may be tied to the actual fact that lots of women of size have longer menstrual cycles (which, unless greatly divergent, is rarely modified for in pregnancy dating). Furthermore, the definition of “postdates” has shortened in many reports, making even more body fat women fall outside the narrowing definition of normal.

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This may have the net affect of increasing the induction rates in women of size even higher. In fact, in two of the studies above with high “obese” induction rates (Graves 2006 and Usha Kiran 2005), postdates pregnancies were shown as a major reason behind the high induction rates. In Usha Kiran 2005, 41% of the “obese” women got “post-dates” pregnancies, which this research thought as greater than 41 weeks.

And in reality, the Usha Kiran study also shows how highly induction negatively influenced outcomes in the “obese” group. Tellingly, the cesarean rate in the “obese” group with spontaneous labor was 19%, whereas it was 41% in the induced group. Nearly half the “obese” women who were induced ended up with a cesarean, but only one-fifth of the ones with spontaneous labor acquired a cesarean.