50 Days Of No Grey

It feels as though forever since I did just a little shopping. Thankfully, I put a few hours with nothing prepared so I visited Winners. If you haven’t heard of Winners, it’s the Canadian version of TJ Maxx – in reality that’s who possesses them! First stop…the footwear department! I’m thinking they would be cute for a birthday present for a friend or sister. Then I saw these Vince slip ons.

Can you say excited? Well, I used to be until these were tried by me on. These were my size but each shoe fit – boo in a different way! These floral slip ons looked fun and would have been great for Spring. They were slim for me personally too, but maybe they would fit you? Around the corner front the shoes sat this suede baseball cap. So simple and classic in gray and black! I slowly wandered to the house decor aisles and saw this picture.

I thought it might be a great way to add a little color to a room. Then I ventured into the health and beauty section. Retinol (vitamin A) is always being mentioned as a must have for your skin as you age. I am unfamiliar with this brand and thought I’d need to investigate a bit more before I purchased it.

Vitamin C serums also appear to be the one thing you should put on your skin, too. Again, I hadn’t heard of this brand, but with a little research it might be on my buy list next time. I have heard about Kiss My Face and I wrote about them recently in a post about body-maintenance systems. Every day I love to wear sunscreen, so I found the sunscreen cream for everyday use. Well, that wraps up this little visit to Winners. As you can see I only bought one thing, but I might go back again and find out if that picture remains.

I could never eat, rest, and inhale and exhale Holistic Health. It would make me a very disappointed human. As much as I love this lifestyle and know that I have a lot to supply the world as far as helping others live a wholesome life, I choose to take action through this blog.

  • Oscar Wilde
  • 2 tablespoons of plantain (20 g)
  • Parents must do the homework given to children
  • 13 Homemade Natural Facial Cleanser

I have a tendency to get obsessive with the approach to life and am really focusing on balance at this time. For me personally, it’s necessary for living MY healthier life. Does that means that I don’t recommend IIN or other programs? Absolutely not the case. That really depends on you and what you would like in life and is actually a whole other post.

But if you are someone, like me, that will obsess and be concerned over every little ingredient, what it might be doing to you, etc, that may you need to be a “rabbit gap” you do not want to venture down. Nothing has changed. My lifestyle really hasn’t changed generally.