The Ultimate Guide To Beachbody Challenge Groups

Do your challenge groups sound like crickets? Are you having trouble getting people to Sign up for your challenge organizations even? Chances are you just need to make a few small tweaks to get the ball rollin’. In this particular guide I’ve come up with everything I understand about owning a Beachbody problem group.

It’s based on my almost 5-years experience as a Beachbody trainer, as well as information I’ve collected from my amazing upline Jenelle Summers and other coaches on we. If you’re a fresh coach or a experienced coach looking for a jump-start, my recommendation is to start SMALL to build your confidence, and then work the right path up from there!

Keep at heart that this is a CONSTANT learning process, so be prepared to obtain it perfect on the first try don’t. Were you able to rock out a pull-up the first time you tried to do one? I am CONSTANTLY learning and changing things up with each new problem group that I do!

Don’t ever give up on yourself and the people that need your help! First of all, what is a challenge group? Challenging group can be whatever YOU make it out to be. Basically, you invite people to join you in a private Facebook group (or whatever platform you want to use) where you all interact for a pre-determined amount of time and keep one another accountable to perform the same goal. If you’ve already participated in challenging group with your upline sponsor trainer that’s GREAT. You have firsthand experience!

  • 0 – time at top of rep prior to starting next rep
  • 7 years back from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally
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If not, you can view if your coach or a teammate/success partner has a challenge group approaching that you can join. Either way, even if you’ve never participated in a challenge group before, let that stop you from taking the first step don’t! It’s NOT a requirement! Keep in mind that as coaches we all have been familiar with the word “task group” however your peeps may have no idea what this signifies. Also, your market or ideal customer may be intimidated by the term “challenge” so feel free to change things up so you are speaking THEIR vocabulary.

DON’T BE AFRAID TO THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. This is probably the most important thing! Also, if you haven’t done so already I would encourage you to feel the training that is available in your coach online office on problem groups. You shall find this in the Trainer Training Academy. BEACHBODY CHALLENGE GROUP TRAINING. Again, there are no hard and fast rules!

We are BEYOND blessed to get a lot training from corporate but I wish to let you know that you don’t want to do your challenge groupings The way they teach how to do them. What are the advantages of running a fitness “challenge” group? Groups help build your network outside your immediate band of relatives and buddies. Creates momentum, confidence, and business profits through equipping others for BETTER fitness success!

Creates an organized and systematic way to get focused on assisting clients. Also helps with building your team because they typically end up loving the products and their results and want to help others do the same! Removes worries of a fresh coach as they get acquainted with “training” others in a group environment. Creates immediate income for new coaches.