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At the Q/A session by the end, I posed the question to Dr. Pederson and have for his comment regarding the state of climate change scientists that the earth is warming. His response surprised me a little. He didn’t see any concern with that and finished his response that we are not seeing warming “yet.” I was also struck by having less attention on his part.

Why are we not viewing the forecasted warming? His chat ended with the conclusion that we are in the best time of environment for trees. The last 15 or 20 years are wet and not warm and well suited for tree life too. This was not necessarily the case heading back 300 years. This incident pertains to my assertion that most scientists are just doing their narrow study on the effects of climate change on some specific item.

They “assume” that CO2 causes global warming almost religiously and don’t even question that fact even when their own data neglect to trust that assertion. Of questioning it Instead, they just move along and continue using their study and getting the grants. I went to a chat at the Lamont Dogherty campus today.

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It was given by professor Andrea Dutton of the University of Florida. I had been particularly thinking about this subject because of recent discussions here on this hub and elsewhere on the potential risks of sea rise due to climate change. She spent a good part of 45 minutes describing the facts of her team’s work. She went on to explain the difficulty of measuring sea level averages and they vary from location to location and even places where sea level will go down due to other factors such as topography and gravitational effects. She also points out the recent estimates of a growth of 3mm per season of oceans as accepted range.

Going back within the last 3 million years, there were multiple periods of warming and air conditioning. Her study focused about how high oceans have risen due to these natural warming cycles. The quantities they came up with using carbon dating and instrumentation were between 6-13 meters for a corresponding 2-levels C rise in heat. The implications are that a present day warming of 2 degrees will possibly cause the same among of sea rise which is devastating. During the Q/A session, I asked the question of how fast the rise will come based on her studies.