Pink And Undecided

We’re getting to close to wrap up my Japan Trip, excited thrilled :D! OOTD kind of photos because we actually rented kimonos and we just couldn’t stop taking photos. If you read my Hanbok blog post then you’d know already that dressing in traditional clothing of the country that I visit is not something that I’d even consider myself before. I dunotno, I assume I’m cheap/too timid to take action if there are not enough of companions to take action with me but it’s simply not something that I was ever thinking about before. So, disclaimer done, let’s go!

Pink ‘s little family all dressed up in Kimono at Kiyomizu Dera, we can pass as an area family definitely, yes? Japan plus they destined to be quite similar to one another (just google’em, that’s how CL found this one anyhow :p). After experiencing this local rental place, the Hanbok local rental place was very everywhere and messy in comparison!

So in this Kimono rental (and I’m guessing it’s fairly similar in most kimono accommodations) you are first led to a very packed room filled up with endless kimono and folks. I don’t keep in mind if I had taken any photo, I believe I did but I lost most of my mundane photos because I had taken them on my Iphone since it was still my main phone back then :(. They would then put everything in a container (you can get extra accessories also, at a supplementary cost of) and go to the cashier to pay. They are extremely VERY efficient alright, they have a lot of attendants so they would dress about 8 or 10 girls at one go!

Kimono has so many fabric and layers, also, they are heavy so even though we didn’t wear any extra coating we were actually quite warm the whole day! I don’t remember if the kimono local rental includes the hairdo (there isn’t any option for hairdo in One Day Hanbok, btw), but they do provide hairdos with various prices and we got the essential ones.

  • Shoes: Hiking Boots
  • Complement your eyes color with the selection of lip firmness
  • Nivea – $5.6 billion
  • Too much crash diets
  • Mix 3 tablespoon of cooking soda and some drops of drinking water to make a paste
  • Face Serums & Oil Treatments (11)

I got mine mainly curled and half of it up, it was done in a matter of minutes WTH Japanese efficiency is something that I really do admire! Taking photos of themselves. LOL, KC was teasing my mum and delivered this pic to your family’s WA group telling her that Little O was captured by the police. It wasn’t long until we arrived at Kiyomizu Dera.

Doesn’t get any more Japanese than this, yea? Again, I did have a few photos of the real place and details using my Iphone, clearly these are forever gone now ZZZZZZZZZ. Boys will be boys, yea? I am irritated at how pale I look to, do even wear lipstick I? Otawa Waterfall and each stream have a different benefit, we really didn’t know anything about this back then so we just followed CL’s instruction-which I cannot even remember any more of hahahaha. I fell in love with this doll, but I just can’t justify buying it because I am not collecting dolls!

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