Tax Lien Investing

I was pleasantly surprised! Challenging hype and recent infomercials recently touting taxes lien investing as a way to get rich quickly, this written publication is very refreshing. Right from the start Mr. Moskowitz pieces the audience straight, providing honest and simple information. This reserve is split into four areas. In the first section Mr. Moskowitz points out what tax liens are, why they are such a safe investment and just why now, as part of your before you will need to include them in your investment plan. By the end of the section he has a chart that shows how tax lien certificates compare to other investments in terms of income and growth potential, risk avoidance, safety, and liquidity.

Section 2 talks about how to buy tax lien certificates; choosing a state and county to purchase and how to choose the properties to buy taxes liens on. It also addresses bidding at the public sale and purchasing over-the-counter and assignment liens. There is certainly even a section on ways to get local officials to help you decide to do your homework (This doesn’t always work in every region, but it’s certainly well worth a try). Section 3 of The 16% Solution discussions about how you receive a commission on a taxes lien certificate as well as how to foreclose on the house.

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Mr. Moskowitz clarifies how a taxes lien certificate is redeemed, how to foreclose on the tax lien, and how to proceed with the property once you foreclose onto it. Section 4 discusses avoiding and controlling risks. Mr. Moskowitz clarifies just what the potential risks of tax lien trading are and how to avoid them.

That’s something that most tax lien trading “gurus” never tell you until you give them much for coaching. I recommend that anyone thinking about tax lien investing read this book for this section alone. Buy this book and save your thousands for buying tax liens! Also contained in the written publication are several appendixes with helpful information.

In Appendix I there is a chart of condition laws for all the tax lien areas. Georgia is included even though it’s officially a redeemable deed state. This chart is a good tool but remember, just because a state has laws that let it have taxes lien sales doesn’t imply that they actually have any.

There are in least a couple of states with this list that either have a couple of counties or municipalities which have tax lien sales, or have any properties available in their sales hardly. Appendix II has some more detailed information for 14 of the tax lien states (they are the states which have an interest rate of 16% or more).

Some of the states are protected more completely than others. My guess would be that the areas that are protected well are the ones that Mr. Moskowitz invests in personally. The states that are covered thoroughly are: Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, and Iowa. Detailed information on the other expresses is lacking. If you’re buying one of the above-mentioned states or planning to invest in one of these states, I recommend that you purchase this reserve. Also if you are planning to invest in tax liens on commercial or industrial properties, there are helpful forms for avoiding environmental problems in Appendix III.

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