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My mom’s family is from Puerto Rico, and my father is from Trinidad. And within that there surely is such a mixture. Growing up in NY being a woman of color, you’re kind of disconnected in a lot of ways from your roots. Being in the populous city, I’m not in the homeland where many people came from.

In recent years I am working to reconnect to that and learn more about my ancestry. Today All that makes me who I am. Trust yourself, trust your intuition. Honor yourself always, and foremost first. Self-love is so important. It certainly is a process, but it’s something that throughout our entire lives we will keep relearning how to master and understand, because we’re constantly changing ourselves. To accept change, you have to permit yourself to be and to develop into you. Lee Armoogam, 21, is a restaurant and painter hostess in Brooklyn.

Are these naturally taking place, i.e. extracted from the earth in its original state, or altered through milling in physical form, melting, sifting, etc.? Are these the result of biological processes? Is this a natural substance? Is this natural but dangerous i.e. bad for humans or the environment? Is this damaging to obtain or use environmentally?

If so, where can it belong on the artificial continuum? Is this a petrochemical? Maybe the process enforced on the reaction? What is the source of energy being imposed and could it be from a non-renewable or renewable source? Is the amount of energy had a need to conduct the reaction minimal or energy intensive?

This must be weighed against the advantage of the products caused by the procedure i.e. could it be worth the energy cost when compared to human benefit? Are these naturally taking place in the reactants but now separated out? Are these chemically different than the reactants partly or entirely? Are these non-toxic or dangerous to humans and the surroundings? There is a vast selection of cosmetic products at our disposal. How come the natural versus synthetic issue matter?

Our personal health insurance and well-being, as well as the environment and internationally locally, are in question by the popular use of artificial substances. We cannot avoid all synthetic substances, and not all synthetics are harmful to us. Many of these materials have improved the quality of our lives, but many have also deteriorated it.

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We do not know what will result from our use of certain synthetics overtime. Makeup products are products that we have a primary physical and psychological relationship with, as we put them on daily on the skin we have and bodies. The surroundings can be sustained or demolished by our choices systematically. As consumers we can take part in the sustaining of eco-friendly organic farming practices, wise waste disposal, clean manufacturing processes, and biodegradability of ingredients. The options are many, and the freedom to choose is ours. Where do you stand on the natural or synthetic debate? The answer can make a difference to your well being and our ecosystem.

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