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When you think “olympic” the idea of “top of their game”, or “monumental” comes to brain. While “Olympic” pertains generally (and usually) to the Olympic Games, it is often used as a verb (without doubt much to the chagrin of Olympic Officials) to characterize the best. This year, when the Olympics will come in London, it appears that USA Today is turning in the farm team as opposed to the best, when it comes to their photography staff, for the most part. USA Today staff professional photographers with years of experience covering sports activities were informed last week that, well, their services wouldn’t be needed in London.

If you are looking to speak to the USA Today photo booth out at the Olympic Media Summit at the Hilton Anatole, happening today and tomorrow, they don’t be there. Well, the booth is there – in Stemmons Ballroom C (on the right as you walk in), but it isn’t actually staffed by USA Today staffers – instead, it’s staffed by US Presswire personnel and contractors. Today credential If you see someone wearing a USA, shirt, or beneath one of their banners, it’s really a US Presswire person cloaked in the storied name of USA Today.

For decades, today photo staff has put forth the best of the best to cover the Olympics the USA. So too has Sports Illustrated, and other storied organizations that see within the Olympics as the pinnacle of sports photography. USPWs. In this full case, Getty is the best leagues, and, yes, coming full circle, the USA Today team, filled with USPW photographers, seems to be the farm team. Please post your comments by clicking the link below. If you’ve got questions, please pose them in our Photo Business Forum Flickr Group Discussion Threads.

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However, gain is only recognized if the amount of money distributed exceeds the partner’s basis (total investment) in his or her partnership interest just prior to the distribution. In contrast to real terminations, there are technical tax terminations of partnerships. These occur if at least 50% of the total interest in partnership capital and profits comes or exchanged within a 12-month period, including a sale or exchange to some other partner. Such terminations are merely technical because the partnership continues for state law purposes-that is, it isn’t dissolved.

The partnership officially ends for tax purposes, but a new collaboration for taxes purposes immediately begins. This new partnership automatically takes over all the old partnership’s assets and liabilities which are immediately distributed to the partners in the old partnership. The brand new partnership even retains the old partnership’s EIN (employer identification) number. Technical terminations usually do not lead to the partners recognizing any taxable gain or loss. However, a technical termination of a partnership can result in loss of favorable real estate tax and depreciation accounting methods.

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