Smoldering Eye Makeup For Any Eye Color

We all want that perfect eyeshadow look that pops up our eye and face. The first thing you must make certain of is by using the right color eyeshadow for your eyesight color. Using the right shades should make your eyes really pop and look glamorous. Using the wrong shade can leave you looking just like a raccoon.

If you have brownish eyes: Stick with a palette of purples ranging from a dark plum to the lightest lavender plus a plum-colored eyeliner. Mascara: black for everyone EXCEPT blondes and red heads who should use clear mascara. To start out, curl your eyelashes. Apply the first eye shadow color Then, the darkest color, on each of your bottom level lids.

Then sweep the medium color in the middle between the lid and the top of the eyebrows. Finally, sweep the lightest color at the top near your eyebrows. Make certain they all mix well. Apply the eye liner next by making a very small line around the very best eyelashes. If you like, you can line the lower lashes but until you are a specialist I would not advocate this. Lastly, apply the mascara to the lashes and do at least two or three coats per attention. Now you will be ready to hit the city with smoldering eye that will make sure to make minds turn!

They decorate each day. In New York you do see people decked out, but I think you definitely see much more crazy looking people. This hub was liked by me very much! 7 years from a Franklin ago, Tennessee native, who travels globally. You are welcome, rebekahELLE. Continue you good work. Thanks Dr. Haddox. I’m pleased you liked it. I had developed fun writing this hub after I began writing at HP first. 7 years back from a Franklin, Tennessee native, who travels globally.

Excellent writing. An excellent Hub. French women are supremely confident in their manner and their appearance and I think this is simply the way they are brought up. Very nice hub enjoyed it. Tracy, I think you’ve said it well. The female needs to find her own self, her own style and feel beautiful and more comfortable with who she is.

Thanks when planning on taking the time to leave and comment. I’m glad you appreciated the hub and thanks a lot also for the tweet! What a great hub! Since reading your “How to get the French Girl Look” a few days ago, this subject has been on my brain. After scanning this hub I am considering a complete great deal about the thought of women focusing on their personality, this is such a positive message.

I really love this hub and can talk about it on tweets. I must say I liked reading this hub. You educated me about the French Women. I felt like I used to be in Paris with you there. You have also given me some basic ideas that I am going to include into my very own Chic Style. Thanks sum for visiting and leaving a comment.

I’m not sure what the French stay at home mother wears throughout the day. I’m sure it’s quite different from a Parisian female and a woman who live out in the country. Their basic closet is feminine and traditional, a little of allure. Maybe at home you could try dressing up only a little to make yourself feel better. Several basic black and white t’s are nice with a pair of dark jeans, the ballet-type shoe or a nice couple of sketcher tennis shoes or whatever you can comfortably afford. They often do wear scarves, tied in various ways. A straightforward headscarf in a nice design will jazz up any simple t-shirt or sweater.

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Cardigans are beautiful and stylish, once the weather is cooler. The French woman is all about a straightforward beauty in the real way they dress and just how they live. I know for myself, the entire days that I take more time to look nice, day the better Personally I think about myself and my. You can find days when I do wear the ‘going out’ tops if I’m working at home, because I want to enjoy them now. You might really enjoy a book called Entre-Nous- A Woman’s Guide to locating Her Inner French Girl by Debra Olliver. It is a great read and provides you a lot of tips on offering that French lady we all love.

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