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If you’ve never read an Alexander McCall Smith novel, this is a great time to start. You will love these delightful books if you enjoy humor with only a touch of mystery, charm, philosophy, as well as quirky personas and adventure. Every one of the books gently merge ethics and moral obligation as characters deal with business in their day-to-day lives.

McCall Smith is a prolific writer who has written five series including the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency, Isabel Dalhousie, Corduroy Mansions, 44 Scotland Street, and Portuguese Irregular Verbs. The best known is The No Perhaps.1 Ladies Detective Agency novels which are international bestsellers. If you’re fond of British laughter especially, don’t miss the Corduroy Mansions or 44 Scotland Street Series.

Each one is special in its way. He has written 40 children’s books also, 14 nonfiction game titles and his books are released in 45 languages. The No.1 Ladies Detective Agency Series all started with Precious Ramotswe, who started a detective company to help people solve their problems. Actually, she actually is Botswana’s only female private detective. Precious is a solid female character who enjoys Africa with most of her heart.

She has a solid sense of right and wrong, while feeling compassion for others also. She uses her powers of observation, patience, cleverness, and caring to help her solve mysteries for strangers and friends in Botswana. Elegance Makutsi is the company’s Ramotswe and secretary assistant. Importantly, as the character points out, she is a graduate of the Botswana Secretarial College with a score of 97% on her secretarial exam. Mr. J.L.B. Matekoni is a mechanic and owner of Tlokweng Speedy Motors.

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He is a kind, gentle and peaceful man and eventually becomes Precious’ hubby. As you read through the novels, you learn of the wonder of Africa and its own people, particularly Botswana. Lots of the descriptions of the African land are just beautiful. You’ll also find out about the culture and traditions in Africa, which I found especially interesting.

These books progress at a slower pace but are filled up with charm, optimism, and humor. A lot of the mysteries are light, although some written books also touch on topics such as depression, abducted children, and domestic violence. Never fear though, Precious handles problems in her own special way. I began reading Alexander McCall Smith novels about two years and have not stopped ago. You start reading this series Once, you definitely miss the characters and their adventures. They are fun just, enchanting novels, filled up with heart, and ideal for summer reading. Drop by your local library soon to begin with on some of McCall Smith’s captivating series. You will be glad you met Precious Ramotswe and the gang. Thank you Alexander McCall Smith!

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