JUST HOW MUCH Will Yelp Cost Just?

Just How Much Does Yelp Cost? I have an advertising opportunity that I wish to run by you, but I need to get back to them today or it is no longer available. THEREFORE I was contacted by Yelp and they are offering me 500 highly targeted advertisements – they can show up on competitor pages and highly targeted searches in my city.

Also, they’ll clear my profile of any advertisements and I get an account manager and reporting. 350 – but I wasn’t sure if it was a good deal, so I first needed your insight. Uggg – I want to pour a fine glass of single malt scotch before I continue. Most (non-PPC) advertising is costed on the CPM basis – basically the cost per thousand impressions. 2.40 CPMs. That makes Yelp’s advertising more than 29,000% more costly. You can test to compare these rates to PPC promotions also.

150. Simply remember your 8th quality math and solve for Cost per Thousand (or if you’ve blocked out 8th quality use the CPM calculator at ClickZ. 700 AND much more targeted. Alternatively, we can make an effort to back again out expected cost per customer. 1,400 per phone call). 7,000 per certified prospect). 14,000) to get one customer. Sign me up baby! One last side note: if you hear the salesperson’s refrain “just one client will pay for itself”, hang up the phone the telephone and run scream. Your task is NOT to fund your advertiser’s stock price, but to pay you.

Target at the least 300% return on investment for your marketing activities. 11 Responses to “THE AMOUNT OF Does Yelp Cost? Is that the standard deal/pricing from Yelp? Personally I think like we need more info. 350 per month is chicken feed if it’s producing leads, but I concur that you’re not going to get very many clicks, let alone customers, from 500 impressions.

I have no idea if it’s standard, or not – for many I understand this is a one off, intense outlier. 350 is a good car payment fairly. 6500 impressions per month. My dear friend Conrad is your comments restricted to the world of on-line paid marketing campaigns? Because I find the assertion that you should “target” a 300 percent come back on your “marketing activities” silly.

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Why not “target” 400 percent? If marketing is experienced by me activity that returns 2-for-1, my only question will be “how often can I do it?” Also, there are plenty of “marketing activities” that are really important but show no measurable ROI. Nobody will ever say “I purchased your service because you have a great brochure.” Would you argue that, therefore, there is no reason to have a brochure?

Mark – reasonable and good question. I take advantage of the 300% ROI as a guideline – specially when evaluating new potential opportunities. At 300% – this honestly gives you an opportunity to be off by a factor of 2 but still make money. 200 – that’s still a net positive investment. On the other hand – even for established marketing channels, a 2 to 1 1 return means that my clients would be spending half of their working time to invest in me – their marketing man. Essentially, the higher the ROI, the more my clients pay their expenses instead of me (which is how I want it).