Tesla, TSLA & The Investment World: The 2019 Investors’ Roundtable

Separate names with a comma. I don’t understand honestly, how it changed from “profitable every quarter from now on” to “only ten a few months time to fully stop bleeding” in few months. “This is a lot of money but actually only gives us about 10 a few months at the Q1 burn rate to attain breakeven!

I don’t think constantly sending text messages to employee painting an unexpected emergency would have the desired impact EM hoped. The year that I think people are simply desensitized He has sent an excessive amount of these email messages before. I’m pretty pumped that I now live near a Tesla factory. I hope to see caravans of Tesla semis loaded with dry electrode batteries driving down I-10 soon. It’s just too bad Fremont isn’t within the 500-mile range of the semi.

No. That is old inventory. I truthfully don’t understand, how it changed from “profitable every quarter from now on” to “only ten months’ time to stop bleeding” in few months. That’s probably because the last mentioned isn’t that which was said. Let us know when customers start getting those refreshed S/X.

Been a couple weeks now given that they opened orders for them. Based on information in this thread, the delay was caused by regulation concern and it was already resolved as people started to consider delivery. I sure wish so, but didn’t we already say that about 2018? Well, last year, my thought was that 2019 is actually a “down season” relatively speaking, namely due to the forward driving of deliveries in the past due 2018 due to the tax credit stage out. With the big beats on his later last year that provided them some PR capital but they didn’t spend it. But to me no matter all that much as I am long run.

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I would prefer to take a look at 2-3-calendar years spans. Is slightly important Quarterly, annual is a lot way more but even that may be lumpy. A down year 2019 may be, 2020 is going to be up and 2021 will be way and then probably exponential development following that up. But if you ask me no matter all that much as I am longer term.

I would rather take a look at 2-3 yr spans. Quarterly is slightly important, yearly is a lot more so but even that can be lumpy. 2019 may be a down season, 2020 will likely be up and 2021 will be way up and then probably exponential development from there. If someone would several years back said, today is what the share price, no-one would here have thought him. 88: Agree with ‘bdy0627’ with this one. My advice: Diversify, consider ARKK If you like disruptive companies. I digested a great deal of quarrels (mostly BS yes) from the brief side. I believe their point about the credit stage out has some merit.

It was grossly exagerated by them BUT that doesn’t mean the phase out has zero impact. And it’s not even the impact of the phase out per se as much as the impact of how Tesla pulls forward deliveries to capture or maximally help the consumers exploit the credits. Also, more products (Roadster/Semi/Y) can help smooth out amounts.

If someone would several years ago said, what the share price today is no-one would have thought him here. Agreed, I don’t think anyone, myself included, thought we’d be this low. But no one thought the Q1 miss would be as large as it was. So here we are.