Don’t Get Too Addicted, Ok?

Got a fresh Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick device? Your entertainment options are about to increase exponentially! Establishing Fire TV is a nice and straightforward process that doesn’t have a computer science genius to complete. To learn all you have to to know, just check out our guide below on how to set up Fire Stick and Fire TV.

Fire TV devices are a few of the easiest-loading devices to create. You don’t need much in the real way of accessories, a base unit just, an internet connection, and a TV. Check the list below to make sure you’ve got all the needs. Compatible TV: Fire devices work with any HD-ready TV that has HDMI insight ports.

Most newer smooth display devices have at least one HDMI port. Double check to ensure yours does, normally you can’t connect your Fire TV. Fire TV or Fire Stick: A base Fire TV unit, which includes either the box hardware or Fire Stick. They could be bought by you used, but since so inexpensive there, you might as well get a fresh device.

Newer Fire TV devices feature a lot of the things below, making the setup process much easier. HDMI and Power Cables: Fire TV links to your TV via the HDMI cable connection. You’ll need a male-to-male cord that’s long enough to connect one end to your Fire device and the other to your TV.

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You’ll also need access to an open electric outlet to plug in the Fire TV or Fire Stick. New Fire TVs comes with both cables included. Remote with Batteries: Fire TV requires a remote set up and use. New devices come with a voice-enabled remote and two Amazon brand AAA batteries.

You can also use alternative party accessories or a Fire TV app to navigate menus. Wi-Fi Network: You’ll need a home Wi-Fi network your Fire TV can hook up to, ideally one guaranteed with a security password. Speed is crucial for streaming HD content, but as as it can hook up to the internet long, you’ll have access. Some Fire devices were sold with an Ethernet adapter, but also for most people it’s suggested to use Wi-Fi for convenience purposes. Amazon Account: All Fire TV devices require an active Amazon accounts use.