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This film is a significant crossover. Though the first cartoons considered cannon for the Cartoon Universe date back decades before this, and there have been many cartoon crossovers before this, Who Framed Roger Rabbit? On this section, I will breakdown the crossovers by the studios they originate. This film is significant in Cartoon Universe cannon also.

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This film clarifies that Toontown is a town that links to Hollywood of the Live Action Universe. Clearly, though connected, the two cities are of different realities, as the laws of physics are applied in each location differently. And indeed, those from one reality appear to partially carry the laws of their world over with them to the other. For example, a person from the Live Action Universe could be killed in the Cartoon Universe by something that a town would survive from.

Likewise, a town maintains its characteristics in the Live Action Universe. This film also presents a concept seen sometimes in prior animation, for the reason that, though tools are created by artists of the Live Action Universe, they live and work in the Live Action Universe actually. Thus, people in the Live Action Universe appear to learn of and accept the existence of the Cartoon Universe, even if they speak of it seldom. This means that the Live Action Universe may seem to be a depiction of the Real Universe, but it isn’t in actuality. This film is based on a publication, however the reserve lacks the crossovers and it is not part of the Cartoon Universe canon.