Three Examples For Different Approaches

Customers Not Paying Their Bills Timely? Your receivables help your money flow-that’s plain and simple enough right? Often, the small business owner will allow receivables to build up and that means no cash to arrive to pay your vendors. If you allow your accounts receivables to lag behind constantly, your credit customers will catch on-and fast. This alone is reason enough for you to utilize effective accounts receivable collection letters.

You certainly don’t want your receivables to turn into allowances for doubtful accounts! As a business owner looking to collect on your receivables, you have a couple of options for business characters. You can buy one of those bold red stamps that scream “PAST DUE! Your invoice(s) figures (list them) dated (day of invoice(s), are overdue. 10 per invoice and interest penalties of 3% on unpaid or overdue accounts.

1. Credit Card Payment – Use the enclosed promotion to get into your credit card information (we accept VISA, AMX) and M/C, sign and come back the coupon. Or, you might contact Debbie inside our accounting division to pay via credit credit card over calling. 2. Electronic Payments – Our company is very happy to offer you ways to stay on top of your account by searching for our electronic payment program.

Payments can be set to match your payment dates. Please contact Debbie inside our accounting department to set up your e-pay accounts. 3. Payment Arrangements – We also understand the tough overall economy and if you are unable to pay the whole amount credited, please contact Debbie in our accounting department to create a payment plan.

Please recognize that a payment schedule includes interest and penalties. If you have any relevant questions, please feel free to contact Debbie in our accounting department. Each of these examples of accounts receivable collection letters can be utilized based on the customer and their background with your business. Take into account that threatening letters will most likely get you nowhere and it’s best to be business-like and helpful when wanting to gather upon your receivables.

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