Woman Who Quit Her Corporate Job Has Earned More Than £300K

A girl who ditched her corporate job to pursue online money-making strategies from the comfort from her own house has doubled her earnings – and says anyone can do the same. Ruth Hinds, 30, from Durham earns £4,000 to £7,000 per month from endeavors such as blogging, selling on eBay and matched-betting and says she will come back to the traditional world of work never.

Last summer time she gained £10,000 in two months by launching an internet course to share her tips with others, and her work has allowed her to place down a sizeable deposit on her behalf first home. I also have more time,’ Ruth informed Femail. A few of my income streams are passive, meaning I still earn money even if I’m not actively working.

Being self-employed, that provides me a whole lot of peace of mind, because I understand that easily wasn’t in a position to work for just about any reason, I wouldn’t be left with zero income. While there is no shortage of money-saving bloggers out there, Ruth seeks to empower other women through her advice. I try to give a different perspective, and encourage women to consider that taking control of their budget doesn’t have to be about saving a few quid occasionally,’ she said.

I’m also in charge of how much I earn – it’s not dependent on an employer after I get a pay raise or a promotion. These opportunities can be created by you for yourself,’ she said. Share Before she branched from her own, Ruth was working as a HR consultant on the graduate program, investing in long hours and traveling on her behalf job. I’d always just assumed that success looked like getting a level and obtaining a “good job”, then knuckling down,’ she recalled.

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