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Etihad had the most considerable collection of teas that I’ve ever seen on a flight. The got an enormous wine selection also. I made a decision to combine my reports for the outbound and return flights as almost everything was identical. The only distinctions were the superstars on the ceiling of the A340-600, and the health of that aircraft generally. Although, both aircraft I traveled on were manufactured in the same year, the A340-500 on the outbound airline flight seemed to have a much cleaner and well taken care of cabin.

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The return plane had cabin wall space littered with pen marks, and the dirty handprints of what I’d picture to be maintenance workers inspecting the cabin. Etihad has quite a distance to visit in the region of cabin service before these are in the same group as far-eastern providers such as Singapore and Cathay Pacific. Cabin crewmembers are simply not eager to make the journey as pleasant as possible overly.

The entertainment system is another area where Etihad needs to improve. The PTV display itself is remarkable, but there’s simply not enough to view! If they hope to come close to being a top airline, they sorely need to add more movie and tv options on their flights. After all, their main competitor, Emirates, gets the best in flight entertainment system by far. The Etihad First Class seat itself, however, more than makes up for the lacking entertainment and service options. This collection is probably the most comfortable in the world truly. The colors and the design were fantastic. If a good night’s rest is what you’re looking for, Etihad is the way to travel to the center East or South Asia. Food quality was also excellent, and the inflight chefs are a great touch.