Be A Media Giant

“Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story? The above video is the saving of the SOUNDTRACK. The ultimate video with pictures to come with the memory will be released when voting is open up in January. Thursday, Dec. 15, 2016, a true variety of MHS students, alumni, and personnel collaborated to make a mini-masterpiece in the expectations of earning a contest that could suggest a huge step in technology for our library media center.

A masterpiece of design as well as ‘center,’ it’s the tale of the change of our MHS Library Media Center and its own shift to 21st Century Digital Learning told in track. The incredible genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda motivated the Hamilton parody (see collaborators below) that we hope will capture the judges’ attention. 60,000 to earning schools. The written software allows 3100 words asking for data and figures.

What the questions appear to omit is the spot to adequately tell the story of the immeasurable, of the center of who we are – that involves personal connections with students and personnel. It really is those connections that allowed for the creation of a most unusual project – the Follett Challenge Video.

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I’d like to take this space to give credit and thanks to all those who contributed, each in a distinctive way. First, to Liz Kelsay, one of my minions with whom I talk about a love of musical theater, year who last urged me repeatedly to listen to Hamilton. Thank you for your persistence! AFTER I contacted her about writing a parody, she was the first to offer help.

A few are from our marketing course and just are actually CSA Community School of the Arts products from enough time these were little. Thanks also to some other integral part of the Fitness Marshall team, Haley Jordan, who emerged directly to give us our first tips in using the gear. Teacher Mike Robertson had taken extra time viewing ‘how-to’ videos on the utilization of the new camera ensuring it was ready to go.

The HOURS of work that proceeded to go into the making of this video are measurable, however the HEART that went involved with it is not. Week During the pressure of finals, working around papers and tests, students willingly do take after trying to get it perfectly. MHS Alumni (and daughter, ) Regan Reese, helped me (on some wintry night) in the writing process, as did MHS students, Liz Kelsay, and Sophie Orrell.

Regan had taken her lunchtime hour to come in and record the soprano part. Finally, yet another special thanks – to our Follett Representative, Sharon Well, that has put her heart into guiding me through this project, through countless telephone and emails phone calls. What makes our library media center extraordinary is that it’s become a center for collaboration and skills that exceed an average assignment. The Follett Challenge is a competition that includes a video and an extended program of 3100 words.