Why Have One When You Can Have Two?

If you’re a seasoned beauty maven, the slice crease might be one of the staple appears in your repertoire. Finding new spins on classics such as this is simply as fun as learning a new technique – not to mention the fact that discovering various ways to do a cut crease is a superb way to combine up your makeup. This list isn’t just about technique, but also the totally different effects you can achieve with a trim crease by using less typical colors, brushes, and products. From super-famous YouTube stars like NikkieTutorials to some users you might not have heard of, there are videos that could perhaps you have covered for an entire holiday season’s worth of makeup looks.

There are easy tutorials that the most beginner-y of beginners can follow -and even tips and tricks that make the overall trim crease experience so much easier for a newbie. That said, experienced makeup lovers can find some inspiration here, too: There’s more than a few tutorials that you can sink your tooth into. Overall, if you’re interested in perfecting the slice crease look (and then expanding on it to truly slay the overall game), you’ve come to the right place. Let these makeup gurus guide you to locate the ultimate lower crease for your lids. Combine the old classic smoky attention with a cut crease for a classic look.

  1. Use sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays
  2. Clay Masks
  3. Basic understanding of daily routine
  4. Rubbing Vaseline on your lashes will make them develop quicker and much longer. FALSE
  5. Waterproof Foundation
  6. Delivers well. I see results 10 seconds after releasing the clamp

A more well developed down version of the slice crease, which makes it much more wearable for the day to day. An extreme look for anyone who just loves dramatic makeup. Using glitter to define that cut crease is such an inspired idea. This t is with you every step of the way to be certain you get this look down pat.

Because everybody loves a little bit of drama in their life – especially when it involves your face. Why have one when you can have two? This tutorial copies an incredible Zendaya look, which means you can pretend you’re the star of your bathroom. Done entirely with drugstore makeup, Bella Fiori proves its not necessary top-quality products to have great makeup. A flexible look that you can wear to work or classes, this slice crease is focused on the subtlety.

This makeup look will give you total Beyonce vibes in a color you almost certainly rarely use in your makeup palette. The best in glamour for just about any upcoming special events. A fading blue look that will catch anyone’s eye. There’s no way you’re going to mess up a slice crease again with this nifty hack. The form of your eye can totally change the way a certain makeup trend looks on you, but this trim crease eye tutorial is all you need for hooded lids.

Hey, you can never have too much glitter looks in your arsenal – and you can do not have too much pink glitter. In the event that you haven’t had your fill up of trim crease tutorials right now, you’re a better makeup lover than the rest of us. There is no limit to what kind of slice crease you can create with a bit of practice and a lot of creativeness.

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