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With X-plane, you can tune your body rate with plugins and configurations. You merely need 35-40 FPS for a smooth flight, more will not buy you much. You can trade resolution and finesse of the landscape visuals for a higher body rate. The resolution of your monitor has an enormous impact on your frame rate because high screen resolution taxes your graphics card and processor the best way. The custom landscapes you use will tax one’s body (or not, if you do not utilize it).

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No PC built by man has been too fast for X-plane. Regardless of how much money you spend, you shall have to tune your frame rate. You can gain some with overclocking, of course, but a few frames per second just. 10% can give you typically three to four 4 FPS, and only if CPU and not GPU are your bottleneck. 30% could produce you something similar to 10 FPS, which is much more substantial. REMEMBER THAT YOU NEED GOOD FLIGHT CONTROLS TO USE X-PLANE: rudder pedals, yoke, TPM, etc. Those might cost as much as your personal computer, and more costly ones ARE far better.

P.S. It probably shows in the way could write that I am opposed to gaming which gaming is firmly forbidden inside our home. However, X-plane is not a game, it is an airline flight simulator and an air travel trainer. I find it unusual when someone telephone calls X-plane a “game”. It does not have any attributes of some type of computer game.

That should be not at all hard, as the script uses a computer name as input. That may be any computername. Hi, and thanks for the writer(s). It’s now Sept. 2018, and we’re running SCCM Current Branch v1802. Is this script still the only path to achieve this? Seems like such an apparent want/need that I’m surprised there’s no built-in mechanism.

I’ll probably answer my very own question. Still, in so far as I want this, I can’t evaluate whether the create and troubleshooting are worthy of the man hours, merely to avoid duplicating the set of apps in my own OSD TS. Without having grok’d the entire process yet, I’m not sure this will be possible inside our “multi-tenant” environment… as a tenant.