Trip Report: Qatar Airways QSuite, B777-300ER, DOH-LHR

Following on from my last record, that one features my go back to London Heathrow wit Qatar Airways. This is a somewhat unplanned flight, as while I arrived in Singapore, my passport acquired vanished, so I was pretty much delivered straight back to London. Luckily, I scored another flight in with the suites, which I wouldn’t have got had I taken my intended flight on the 787 back to Oslo. This is the “diet” version of the statement.

As I had been linking from Singapore, I didn’t need to stop by the check in area, not that I could have on this particular trip anyhow. Actually, as the incoming flight from Singapore was running a little late, I didn’t have even time to visit the Al Mourjan lounge. It was straight to the gate.

Once there, there is a slight concern with me being granted entrance due never to possessing a passport, but I was granted entry after a few moments. Boarding was needed Business Class first, although it wasn’t enforced all of that well. Most of the people of me carried on along the economy jet bridge forward, whereas there was just a couple of us that veered off on the separate business jet bridge.

As I reached the plane, I was pleased to see that it was installed with the Qsuites – the prior generation of Qatar’s 777’s are installed with a 2-2-2 design. The 777-300ER fleet is currently around a 50/50 split of Suites and the older product. On board Once, I had been welcomed by one of the cabin crew, brought a hot towel, and offered my choice of drink. Waiting around and Ready at my seat was a couple of cushions, a blanket and an amenity package. This was followed a few occasions later by a set of menus, newspapers, and PJ’s. As I used to be one of the last booked onto this flight, everything that was left was a middle seat.

This ended up being a blessing however as the only extra seat in the cabin was next to me. We forced back a late and made a gradual journey to the runway little. Once we took off, the crew started the service pretty quickly, which was the entire opposite of my experience on Singapore Airlines in 2017, where in fact the crew actually took hours to get the service started quite.

Much like my prior late evening/early morning hours departures on Qatar Airways, it was a snack service to start with, before a more extensive service down the road. The ongoing service began with drinks and warmed nuts. This was followed around ten minutes later by the “night time dining” service. I chose the meat steak pain, and it was very delicious. My table was cleared Once, I took the benefit of the spare seat next to me and lowered the divider between the two chairs to make one of the primary beds I’ve got in the sky. Although as I then found out, this is not something that can be done on your own.

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For the remainder of the flight, I used my hours free Wi-Fi. This aircraft was installed with the new superfast Wi-Fi that has been rolled out across the airline’s fleet. Whilst it was steadier and faster when compared to a lot of the airline’s Wi-Fi, I still think it’s a bit of a drive to call it very fast. Although I didn’t try, I suspect I would have struggled with streaming any kind of video. It was fine for light and messaging, browsing though.

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