[Shopaholic ] What I Buy In Korea ! ♡ Cosmestic And (skincare

What I buy in Korea! I simply reunite from Korea and it’s freezing there! But I must say I really enjoy this kind of weather because I stay static in Malaysia, a 24-7 summertime country and I really prefer winter more than summer. Now, it is time to disclose my shopaholic skill :P. They are cosmetic and skin care I bought from Korea. You should be curious why don’t I buy from Etude House, The real face Shop or Skinfood, because I only need it something that I can barely get from Malaysia.

The very last second before a journey to Korea only I know there is a store in Bangsar. But I buy it since it is in my own to buy list still! Peeeeeples even you always heard that Korean cosmetic always give samples but 3CE by stylenanda is not giving any samples and I believe they don’t have even samples. Samples and present from Innisfree. Samples from its Skin. Sorry, it’s out of focus.

Great on-to-go protein and I really enjoy them. They also ship APO/FPO! Seaweed: a good way to obtain iodine. I love Roasted Seaweed Snacks which I like to eat covered around avocado. I also like to use for linens for sushi rolls or to add iodine and taste to homemade broth. My favorite brand of roasted seaweed is SeaSnax with olive oil, which you can find at some health-food stores, Vitacost (cheapest), or Amazon.

Tea (bulk): I get bulk teas from Mountain Rose Herbs. My favorites are red robins, chai, forests tea, and watch (use in my own Andes mints!). Rice: Okay, so rice isn’t rigorous pace, but I really like white rice (and long ago, I hated it!) and eat it occasionally. There is that I’m very picky about which grain I love, so I’ll talk about the best.

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Texas Best Organic (I prefer jasmine). Best white rice I’ve tried! It is got by me from Globe Fare, but it’s also on Vitacost. Unrefined sea salt: The best brand is Real Salt that I get from Vitacost. Find it here. And I love my little pocket shaker! There are also it on Amazon or through the Redmond Trading website directly.

I also like this Celtic sea salt. Bulk natural herbs/spices: I use a great deal of spices, especially sweet cinnamon, cumin, and turmeric. I get the majority of these in bulk spices from Mountain Rose Herbs. Herbs (bottled): While I try to purchase many natural herbs in bulk to save money, I choose the Globe Fare or Frontier brand also. Honey: One of my most used sweeteners. When able, I get local honey from the marketplace.

I also like this Y.S. Eco Bee Farms natural honey, which I get from Vitacost. My absolute favorite raw honey is Tropical Traditions (but I could only get it whether it’s on sale). Maple syrup: My other most used sweetener. Costco seems to be the least expensive option for a sizable bottle.

I also buy pretty inexpensive 100 % pure maple syrup from the standard supermarket (check ingredients to make sure it’s real maple syrup). I like Coombs Family Farms which may be found here (Vitacost) or here (Amazon. And I buy from Iherb sometimes! Blackstrap molasses: I really like the taste of molasses and have been recognized to eat it from the spoon.