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Click the green button below, you will find official website of lg support. Move down your cursor and discover box of LG PC Suite IV (Manuals & Documents/ SOFTWARE UPDATE/ OSP/ PC Sync). Choose PC sync bar (Download and run the file LG PC Suite IV) and click “Download”button. Thanks you for downloading. If it generally does not, please click here to begin it manually or check our automatic download guide. You may also go to the primary download page and choose another download mirror back.

Though offering low quality in comparison to even mid-range cell phones, it includes very good quality screen with unnoticeable pixilation. The display is quite visible even under strong sunlight and offers great viewing angles nicely. Lumia 830 runs on the Lumia Denim which is the latest version Windows Phone 8 actually.1 along with Update 1, and it also includes some of the great Nokia exclusive features. Windows Phone 8.1 is simply a notch above the prior version.

It has rectified all inconsistencies of days gone by and is currently an able contender of the smartphone platform giants like Android and iOS. Though it could not impress the heavy smartphone users still, the informal users will be fully satisfied with its performance. The Nokia Lumia 830’s primary camera at the trunk can be an impressive one featuring 10MP 1/ 3.4-inch sensor, f/2.2 aperture, Zeiss lens and PureView technology.

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Camera offers great optical image stabilization. The camera module packages in 6-zoom lens optics, a true 16:9 sensor and Backside-illuminated image sensor, all of which label of superb pictures with high detailing and great clarity jointly. Its meager 0.9 MP front side facing supplementary camera won’t impress the selfie fanatics, but it does the working job of basic selfies and video chats. The Nokia Lumia 830 is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz backed by 1GB RAM, which are more mid-ranged, but will good job quite.

The phone has a great 16GB storage, expandable to up to 128GB by using a microSD credit card. The Nokia Lumia 830 with its great style, built quality, screen, camera and many other plus points is worth a buy definitely, especially as it is more affordably coming in at Rs. 28,799. If you are searching for a premium phone but don’t wish to burn a big hole in your pocket, then your Nokia Lumia 830 is surely a good choice.

This style will nothing apart from boost the depth of the grey highlight for read text messages. Before installing it, you can choose how much contrast you want. Those that are irritated by the two-click access to Contacts can set up this style, which – after the first use of the main menu – continues the main menu extended horizontally into three clickable links to Mail, Contacts and Tasks.