Rolling IN TO THE Mainstream

That’s also the purpose of World Wheelchair Sports (WWS), a business dedicated to providing outdoor activities for individuals with mobility impairments. Founded in 1990 and based in Eugene, Oregon, WWS believes physical fitness is vital to everyone, regardless of disability. Folks of all ages throughout the Pacific Northwest take part in track and field, road racing, cycling, kayaking, and other sports and outdoor recreation.

Best of all, many of these activities have been create to allow disabled individuals to contend with and against their able-bodied peers. The monitor program, led by WWS Executive Director and former Paralympic track coach Kevin Hansen, has produced many Olympic and Paralympic medallists who’ve arranged world and nationwide records. Within the last several years, WWS has coordinated various wheelchair track events, including the first ever exhibition race at the 2002 State High School Track Championships, and the annual Oregon Regional wheelchair track and field championships. Another sport that allows disabled athletes to become listed on their able-bodied counterparts is sailing. WWS, in conjunction with Disabled Sailing of Oregon, offers both accompanied and solo sailing activities and lessons.

Wheels In Nature, or WIN, brings children and adults in wheelchairs together with those who aren’t through muscle driven outdoor journeys. Each summer months, WIN conducts youngsters camps in kayaking, wheelchair court sports and racing, sailing, fishing, hand cycling, and a particular Arts In Nature Day. Longer outings include day trips to wildlife refuges and overnight campouts in some of Oregon’s national forests. Funding for WWS is provided through membership and access fees, donations, and grants or loans.

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Members result from many different backgrounds and degrees of impairment. Hansen, who became a quadriplegic following a snow skiing incident, thought his athletic times were over until he could acquire one of the first lightweight aluminum sports chairs to be mass-produced in the U.S. Some individuals are older people who suffered a severe or heart stroke joint disease, while some were born with disabling conditions that still left them paraplegics or dual amputees. But thanks to the scheduled programs of World Wheelchair Sports, the excitement can be experienced by they of athletic competition, or the independence to enjoy recreational activities in a far more relaxed environment. The chance to share these experiences with those who are not in a wheelchair provides them an even greater feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment.

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