Passive Income & Portfolio

Some define passive income and portfolio income differently. For simplicity, I’m considering them one and the same – income NOT “earned” via a paycheck from my employer. Here’s our aggressive income breakdown by month-end. We use Personal Capital to track our net worth, assets vs. Following great opinions from last month’s update, I attempted to continue with the “facelift” to the primary month-over-month summary desk. Additionally, I’ve left the previous month’s accounts-type perspective to highlight taxable vs.

I’m still using additional charts or graphs, but I favor furniture for the right moment because I love to see actual amounts. More to come soon. I attempted to reorganize some of this content as well. Overall, I greatly appreciate your continued comments and feedback. Don’t also forget to checkout the revised 2016 passive income summary, as well as our 2016 vs. 2017 year-over-year (YoY) evaluation from a few posts ago. Let’s dive further into January’s results now. I had a big change of heart toward retirement in October. 1, a month in passive income 000. Additionally, we took a further take a look at how we’re leveraging different account types. This is close to the forefront of our investment decisions.

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We are taking energetic actions to increase our profits or income to get additional capital. But taxes considerations and accounts allocation can have a significant impact on one’s earnings. Again, we consider this an important factor, but not the primary driver of which kind of assets we consider. 2018 Goals Overview: What Do You Want To Do This Year? After a killer month in December with a record income across our various accounts, January caused both “routineness” and dividend hangover.

Maturing Investment Opportunities – Our preliminary efforts into Fundrise weren’t made based on which month potential distributions are paid out, but it is nice to see some aggressive income occur in a different month each quarter. 5,000 once we looked to diversify our existing REIT holdings in my Roth IRA.

We might explore other person holdings or opportunities that pay on a different frequency, but I don’t think we’d exclusively consider a particular investment because of its payout regularity. Sunrise currently pays our distributions out in the first month of each quarter (January, April, July, and October). We continue steadily to reinvest all proceeds.

55.51 in unaggressive income from Fundrise in January. December’s payout was down a couple of hundred dollars vs. December 2016’s physique. I protected more of this in the YoY assessment. We’re not focused on our Roth efforts right now, but further dips in price does make us consider buying. Related: Balanced Dividends Passive Income Analysis: 2016 vs. Dividend Growth Domination Diversification – My traditional, pre-tax rollover IRA – which composes the bulk of our net worth – acquired a great month in December. The year 7600 for.

As stated previously, we’re not positively adding to our IRAs. So this tree is growing up strong alone! 60,000 from a primary dividend finance to another account that focuses more on growth AND income. This decision emotionally was tough but easy methodically; we were credited to rebalance our winners.