Lead Front End Engineer At YouGov

As a part of growing front-end team, you will continue to work with four experienced JavaScript developers and two designers constantly enhancing our users’ experience. You’ll also collaborate with others throughout our organization and technology stack to build products that are revolutionizing the way our clients achieve their business goals. In the front-end team, we feel strongly about developing solutions that are both technically and visually audio.

We invite you to bring your experience and perspective to conversations about the future growth of our applications and environment. We together work closely, with a healthy and non-combative review process aimed at enhancing code as well as developing each other’s skills. In a nutshell, we strive to write solid, thoroughly tested, and readable code; and we would like a new contributor to your already highly effective team. Within a senior engineering role, you will immediately begin to add value to a complex application that clients depend to get their jobs done.

You will figure out how to refine not only your own code however the Crunch APIs that the application is made upon. Your responsibilities shall include ownership of new features, the resolution of bugs, and regression-proofing through comprehensive test coverage. Front-end designers on our system are first-class associates. Although your focus is on JavaScript primarily, you shall gain familiarity with the entire system.

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Then there’s the Audiobook service: “Within Capstone Media, we provide you one price for the three voice talents – Australian, British and American Voice Talents. This refers to accents.” Thanks for clarifying that. WARNING: Capstone Media Services are cold calling authors with highly questionable marketing deals of dubious quality costing thousands.

Of course, one of the think packages is a @PublishersWkly one because they’ll take money from anyone. Capstone, which registered its domain in August 2018, claims a prestigious address: 14 Wall Street, Manhattan. And that’s not all! Global Summit House wants to be your literary agent! I’ve seen several email solicitations with “representation offers”, such as a literary agent contract that’s just official-looking enough to possibly fool somebody who does not have much experience (though not someone who understands that reputable literary realtors don’t charge in advance fees).

There’s also a “marketing and advertising proposal” that “includes a Literary Agent” and promises a “partnership” with Publishers Weekly. Global Summit House authorized its domain in May 2018, but has no business registration in NY State, where it claims it’s located. All feature the same books, and post the same reviews under different titles (here is a review by “Elaine Robyn” within the Maze Readers; here’s exactly the same review from “Anna Reid” on Goodreads). That is a vintage closed-loop promotional rip-off, where all the “promotion” happens on websites and accounts possessed by the promoter.

Goldman Agency is one of the old clones: its domain was registered in February 2017. A New is stated by it York city location, but does not may actually have a fresh York State business enrollment. Really, though, it’s just a regular old marketing scam, staffed by the most common anonymous “dedicated specialists” and showing the most common imperfect control of English (actually considerably washed up from previous versions of the website). Its “blog posts” are PLR (Private Label Rights) articles (for instance, here’s Goldman’s post on reserve publicity, and it is in the PLR database here; even the typo in the title has been reproduced).

Of its “portfolio” of books, not one seems to actually can be found. This complaint provides a good snapshot of Goldman’s M.O.–and its prices. Note: The Goldman Agency I’m talking about here is never to be confused with The David Goldman Agency, which signifies illustrators. The supposedly Canadian Maple Leaf Publishing is the only clone There is that doesn’t state a US location. Maple Leaf offers a familiar roster of Author Solutions-style junk and posting marketing services, with the focus on the marketing.

Also familiar: its specifics-free About Us web page, which, like the whole website, has an absolute ESL vibe. Live prosperous and long! MatchStick Literary’s bizarre (and illiterate) Facebook intro page. For authors who accept this dubious invitation, an array of clone-standard, Author Solutions-style publishing and marketing services await (you can assess the grade of MatchStick’s video trailers, if you dare, here). Much like lots of the clones, there are no prices (it’s simpler to connect your victims if you can get them on the telephone). Other telltale signals of clonage include no verifiable information about staff or history, and significantly fractured English (“Establishing an absolute advertising campaign that standard bank majorly on a specific factor might consider important.”).

Here’s what MatchStick promises as its “Track Records” (also note the false claim of 3 years in business). Most of the books can be found, but just about everything else is a rest (and I examined every single state). Like so many clones, Matchstick is of recent origin: its domain was signed up in September 2018. A New is utilized by it Jersey address, but as of this writing, has no business sign up for the reason that condition.