Any Contribution To Un-recognized Provident Fund

In modern world there are variety of methods open to instruct their children. Among all distance education is one of the educational procedures where students are signed up for a registered academic institutions and perform their academic home based under the supervision of a mother or father. However to look at this sort of education way for our very own child we have to consider many questions like do our child would learn what he’ll do in the campus. Will there be any good institution available inside our area like Perth, Rockingham, Mandurah, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie, Geraldton and Albany.

I individually found Australian Christian College Southlands one of the best among all in these area because this is providing every thing what parents are expecting for their children. The Australian Christian College Southlands, founded in 2006, is continuing to grow to become mature institution of higher learning to provide quality Christian education to students on campus education and distance education.

The main aim of the institution is to provide a wide variety of experiences and opportunities through unique learning environment. They have build a personalized campus which helps every learning student to thrive spiritually, academically, and physically socially. The Australian Christian College places great stress on extra-curricular activities also, particularly in Sports, Debates, Dramatics, Music and Art.

Their Sports and Debating Teams are among the best in region in large part because of the fact these activities are a normal part of the daily activities of the campus. Go to the neatly organized site of ACCS and find out what they are offering and exactly how? The Punjab federal government has brought as many as 16 more areas under the ambit of sales tax on services. July 01, 2012 was collecting sales taxes from 21 types of services. The Punjab Excise and Taxation Department has started issuance of notices to the owners of the big homes for payment of luxury taxes on homes for the FY 2013-14, tuesday standard sources informed Business Recorder on.

In the Finance Bill 2013-14, the Punjab federal government has levied an extravagance tax on home houses located in a part of rating part of Punjab Urban Immoveable Property Tax Act 1958 at the next rates. Residential house calculating two kanals & above but less than four kanals: Rs 0.5 million. In case of a preexisting house, the luxury taxes will be paid within a 12 months commencing from the first day of July, 2013 in four identical instalments prior to the expiry of every of the four one fourth of the full season.

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Act, the blissful luxury tax will be likewise paid on one time basis within twelve months of the completion of construction of such house. No tax will be levied, charged or paid in case of a residence which is sold or transferred after the payment of the luxury tax once due thereon. Amount payable or paid due to any cess, rate or tax levied on profits or benefits of business or evaluated as percentage or elsewhere based on such income or gains.

Tax shall include any taxes paid or payable in Pakistan or in a foreign country. Note: In case where sales tax paid with a tax payer is not billed by him to his customers, such sales tax shall be allowed as deduction. Any entertainment expenditure in excess of such limits or in violations of such conditions as may be prescribed.

Incurred on entertainment at the starting of branches. Note All these person (who are amused) should be related directly to the person’s business. Any contribution to un-recognized provident fund, unapproved pension, superannuation or gratuity funds. Moreover, contributions to any fund unless effective arrangements are made to deduct tax shall also be inadmissible.

Any sum paid by an association of people to a member of the association due to profit on debts, payment, salary, brokerage or any other remuneration. Any expenditure paid or payable exceeding Rs. Salary exceeding Rs.15,000 monthly not paid through crossed cheque or bank or investment company transfer to worker’s accounts.